The Burundi Investment Guide Book 2017

The Burundi Investment Guide Book 2017

The Government of Burundi through the Burundi Investments Promotion Authority (API) has produced an Investment Guide Book 2017. It gives an overall understanding of strategic priority sectors looking investment.

If one reads through lines of a such document he or she discovers that “the heart of Africa” offers many opportunities to both local and foreign investors. Burundi has a very young populace which means the country has a large pool of affordable labour in the entire region. Burundi is a hub of investments.

Also, with its strategic geographical location Burundi offers a huge market to investors’ products. Burundi has also enacted laws and established regulatory institutions in various sectors of the economy to help investors coming to invest.

Besides, it is easier to register a business in Burundi since at API there is a two-hour target whereby within two hours a company is created. Investors are also granted some incentives and much support to the extent their businesses prosper.

The Investment Guide 2017 contains detailed information on the various investment opportunities which have been identified as strategic priorities sectors such as agri-business, fisheries and aquaculture, tourism, transport, mining, banking, energy, etc.

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